We’re all mindless motherfuckers.

I’m Looking For A Tumblr Boyfriend

#Imagine Staying in the bed all day with Dan while you’re both sick.

I love your imagines! So I have a question that Ive been asked alot. Would you rather marry Dan or Phil?

I have no idea! Like Dan would be so blushy when you’re coming down the aisle, and he would be sooo good with kids, but then Phil could be all sweet and he can also do the frickle frackle thing really good. Like I can’t choose! But if my life depended on it,  I would marry Phil. Because he goes from 5 year old to 28 in like three seconds, and I like people are just as dysfunctional as me.

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Full House Theme Song Remake

Everywhere you look (everywhere)
There’s a douche (there’s a douche)
A hand to break
Everywhere you look (everywhere)
There’s a face of somebody who you hate!

Four things you want to/wanted to accomplish by the time you were 18. With unlimited access to resources.

1. Write a best-selling book

2. Make a music video

3. Make my mark on the world

4. Lose weight

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#Imagine- Phan: Not About Angels- Birdy

We know full well there’s just time So is it wrong to dance this line? If your heart was full of love Could you give it up?


'Cause what about, what about angels? They will come, they will go make us special


Don’t give me up Don’t give me upimage

How unfair, it’s just our luck Found something real that’s out of touchimage

But if you’d search the whole wide world Would you dare to let it go?image

'Cause what about, what about angels? They will come, they will go make us specialimage

Don’t give me up, Don’t give me upimage

'Cause what about, what about angels?image

They will come, they will go…image

Make us specialimage

It’s not about, not about angels…image


 In a world where Dan is Hazel Grace, and Phil is Augustus Waters. A world where Phil dies from his cancer, and he can’t stop his pain. Dan visits his grave one day, and smiles as he remembers the letter. “I do, Phil, I do.”

Track Title: no homo



guys i’ve found the song that embodies every teenage boy

Hank Green taught my science class for a whole year, and I thought he was just some nerdy guy. It’s from his channel the SciShow. He taught us everything. So I knew him, even when I didn’t know him.

Really though, that last anon was right, dont worry about breaking the promise!!! Its ridiculous that people thought you could do all that! Like I reblogged it hoping I might get one, but its completely understandable that its IMPOSSIBLE to do. xx (:

thank you. *virtual hug*

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#Imagine Dan trying to prank call you. As it rings, he makes this face. In the end it doesn’t work, because you were watching his live show.

It is okay to break your promise it is not like you had a legally binding contract and after it reached a few thousand people should be ashamed of reblogging that with out thinking what it would mean for you to have to do all of those pictures at the currrent number even if you did 10 shity quick pictures a day it would take over 4 years to complette

Thank you!

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that girl you just called fat? thats danny devito

Oh my God - Danny DeVito! I love your work!

You got into early college? Wouldn't that mean you're in 8th grade?

yeah, um, I’m 14, just a bit away from 15.

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How many blogs are you gonna draw

Not that many, my hand would fall off haha.

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Instagram < head >